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And actually, a different job ended up coming for me, which was "Peepshow." A bigger show, a bigger contract, and more money. She was doing burlesque for a while, but I believe this was right before she became more mainstream famous.So I just moved to Las Vegas and completely started over. There were several other really dynamic women in the show.Shortly thereafter, Hef asked her to be one of his girlfriends and invited her to move into the mansion.2005: Holly, Kendra, Bridget and Hef (to a lesser degree) began filming (as excerpted by People)."We did our thing off camera, and there was an unspoken competition for camera time when the cameras were around.I had to set up where I was coming from because if readers haven’t read the first book, they won’t know what’s going on. Most people date around in their 20s, and I was in a long-term relationship with someone pretty much straight out of college.So even having to mention certain people’s names again, especially relationships mentioned in a book that I wrote over a year ago — I wasn’t really into that. I didn’t really date too much in college and I had a steady high school boyfriend before that.So seeing the world of burlesque and how these women were portraying themselves, while keeping their individuality and identity just really fascinated me. I didn’t really feel like this one was too difficult, emotionally, as far as the other characters in the book were concerned …

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I had a pretty delayed experience, but I’m glad that I had the experiences that I did.Everything is really heavily produced and edited, and you’re only left with one sliver of your personality being shown. But it’s just so easy as a viewer to believe what you see. And I learned that when I dated a few celebrities after I left the Mansion. HM: I wish her the best, but I’m really happy in my life now. What really captivated me about burlesque was how these women were so sexy, glamorous, and fun — but they were doing it on their own terms. In the world I was in, which was the world of Playboy, I was very fascinated with it, yes.

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I also thought [Playboy] was sexy and glamorous; however, it was also pretty conformist.

This wasn't the case, though, according to Kendra and Holly.

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