Where to hookup girls in chennai

05-Jan-2020 04:28

In the Greek Islands, forget about getting greek girls. And trust me, you will ask yourself why you flew all the way around the world to get the same American-Princess bitchy-ness, only in a Quicki-Mart accent. People born in the 80s and later are more aware & liberal, but very few are real individualists- because the truth is the dowry system still prevails and everyone knows that and takes it as a given.

They are quite pretty and exotic looking, but they didn't give foreigners the time of day. The last God-damn thing I want to deal with is a Posh Westernized Indian Chick. The few clubs in india (and there are very few) are expensive. To put it in perspective, if you were a guy who will get 20-50x your annual EBITDA as dowry if you play by the rules (not be promiscuous) why would you try to get laid before/outside of marriage?

Otherwise if you aren't fussed about nationality you're looking at ex-pat and traveller type places of which there are many in the main cities nearer the tourist traps. When I was in Rio, that's the same reason I had no interest in paying a cover to get in one of those clubs where rich Brazilians party, even though the girls were hot.Until then, prostitutes and if you're lucky...exploiting one of the aforementioned Indian "hippies" is the way to go Good post Sonny. A good friend of mine who has amazing game spent 4-5 months in India and failed to get a single lay. These people are like the hippies of India- poor (although they like to call themselves middle class).

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Things are changing but it will be a good 20 years from now at minimum for social evolution to the point of recognizing & valuing individual choices. There is also more information on your match than Tinder, along with a bunch of other features.1.