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This high-performance research system provides superior data quality and is designed for extensive research into behavior and eye movements – from ...Read more Screen-based eye tracker capturing gaze data at 120 Hz.This ultra-slim, powerful research system is perfect for studies outside of the lab, and a new generation of eye tracking technology makes it possible to track more people ...Read more A two-hour virtual interactive session that will help you to install and learn how to operate your eye tracking system.Pro Lab gives you the capability to combine eye tracking with other physiological data streams.From in-store shopper research to psychology experiments, Pro Lab enables you to expand the scope and richness of your insights, while making it easier than ever to design, execute, and analyze your work.Once the mapping is applied, you can immediately start extracting statistics or begin visualizing the data, which dramatically reduces the time needed to analyze real-world eye tracking data.

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Plot gaze data and adjust gaze filters with full transparency.

Automated Real-World Mapping Automatically aggregate and map data recorded with Tobii Pro Glasses 2 onto snapshots.

Course Description: This course is based on Georgia Virtual Learning’s High School Chemistry course but uses other resources throughout.

This curriculum includes topics such as matter, atomic theory, the periodic table of the elements, bonding, chemical equations, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, gas laws, acids, bases, and salts, reaction rates, thermonuclear and nuclear chemistry, and equilibrium.

Use the software in a wide range of paradigms and study types to analyze data from participants that are moving in the real world, as well as for more stationary experimental designs that involve presenting stimuli on a screen or with physical objects.