Updating gpo

31-Oct-2019 21:47

Sometimes you can see your ADM file additions and sometimes you can't.

And this is causing a lot of confusion for a lot of administrators.

The Desktop Standard Policy Maker technologies (including the Registry Extension tool) are now called Group Policy Preferences and are included with Windows Server 2008.

Group Policy Preferences enables the administrator to configure applications or Windows components not ordinarily configurable via Group Policy, as well as apply to certain users or computers based on a very rich set of targeting rules. You could use one that you've downloaded from (we have about a dozen interesting ones), or maybe you want to utilize the ADM files for Office 2003 or Office 2007 located on the Microsoft Web site.

And if you whack the GPO, those settings will revert back to the default.

For instance, if you choose to prohibit access to the Control Panel using the built-in ADM templates, then later change your mind, all you need to do is whack the GPO and access to the Control Panel comes back.

You can see these have been added to the list of default templates in the "Add/Remove Templates" window.

Now, if you look inside the file-based portion of the GPO itself (specifically, in the \domaincontroller\SYSVOL\domainname\Policies\GUID\ADM directory), you can see that the and Word11files are now part of the GPO, as shown in Figure 2.

By default, Windows looks for templates in the \Windows\inf directory, but there's no reason you can't store them wherever you'd like.The GPOE puts up a little safety gate before it allows you to see these settings because the settings that don't write to these four proper Policies keys will tattoo the Registry.So, even if you whack the GPO, there's no way the setting will revert back.Here's something you may not be aware of: once the ADM template is added from the original storage point, that ADM template also gets added to the contents of the Group Policy Object (GPO) itself.

For instance, for this article I went to and downloaded

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