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There's also a fair amount of overlap between accounts, and it's not uncommon to see slowbeef guest-commentate on Chip's channel, for instance. Diabetus: [...] I will come over here and we will resume this conversation. Diabetus: I'm from the South, and evolution is what happens when Pokemon evolve into the Bible, right?

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Ophelia thinks she’s found her new sugar daddy until Charles’ wife gets home! Angela White Gets Her Pussy Treated Like Royalty Angela White is known to be a fan favorite.

This naturally extends to the Let's Play community as well, with new You Tube videos posted left and right filled with asinine commentary or played on release date, Mac Gyver-like technical solutions such as filming a TV screen on a camcorder, barely edited material with minutes upon minutes of filler, and worst of all, barely any quality control to sort out the good videos from the bad ones.