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Plucky and Hamton make fun of Shirley predicting a quake when they see her headlined on a newspaper (Shirley then electrocutes them from the paper).Plucky and Hamton then make fun of Buster and Babs while they prepare for the quake, but the bunnies feel they will be safe in Buster's home and the quake will swallow Hamton and Plucky up whole.Stars: Charles Adler, John Kassir, Tress Mac Neille More infor: IMDB, Wikipedia - Select 360 quality will be loading faster.- Try refreshing the page or CHANGE SERVER if the video error. Just pause it for 5 - 10 minutes, then continue playing. Plucky spots specs of gold on the walls and ground (which are all riddled with large holes), and he immediately goes after it and grabs a small piece.Hamton helps boost Plucky up to a hole to find more gold, but both of them are snatched through the hole by a gremlin.Babs and Buster are devastated and Elmer Fudd suddenly shows up and takes them to the Acme Seismographic Institute to explain to them what is going on.Elmer draws the world on his head with a marker and slams a large mallet against it, causing "cracks" throughout that Elmer explains are fault lines.

They believe they are safe there until the earthquake smashes the ground (making a fist from the earth) and the violent trembling destroys Hamton's home.They come to a cavern with a large dirt pile full of dinosaur bones which the bunnies quickly climb up.Buster knocks down a skull form the top, landing on the worm along with a landslide the bunnies created and knocking it out.Plucky shows the gremlin the tiny piece of gold and the gremlin wants to know where the rest of it is as it must of weighed a ton.

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This sets Plucky off as he rips through the ropes and bounces around the cave walls thinking of that much gold, knocking out the gremlin in the process when a stalactite falls from the ceiling on top of him.He then shows the bunnies a video clip from 1930 that scientists believe through recent discovery that the earth's center is made of gold and guarded by gremlins.

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