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The Bergamasco is a very ancient breed, and almost nothing is known for certain of its origins, as it was developed long before written records were kept of dog breeding and was primarily kept by r...It is difficult to decipher the true origins of the Bernese Mountain Dog as this is an old breed that was developed in a time well before written records of dog breeding were kept. In the early part of the 20th century, following the Russian Revolution, the future of many purebred native dogs in Russia was bleak.Europeans had been exhibiting sophisticated dog breeding for many centuries, and had developed many recognizable...The Boerboel was first developed in a time when few records were kept of dog breeding, and was primarily developed by working farmers in remote areas. The Border Terrier is a small rough coated breed originally developed as a fox and vermin hunter in and around the Cheviot Hills between England and Scotland. The Boston Terrier is a relatively modern creation whose early breeders kept very close records and as a result of their diligent records keeping considerably more is known about the ancestry of th...During the Middle Ages, hunting with hounds became tremendously popular among the nobility of Europe.This sport became one of the most important, if not the most important, form of recreation enj...The Azawakh was developed by nomadic tribes living in one of the most challenging places on Earth.

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Eventually, the hunt became a very important and stylized ritual, as well as bei...As with many breeds, the Affenpinscher has no definitive history until around the 19th century in Germany.Here it is well documented that they were used as both companions and common working dogs.... For most of history, the preferred quarry of the English nobility was deer.The Belgian Lakenois is considered by many to be both the oldest and rarest of the Belgian Shepherd Dog varieties.

Its roots are believed to trace back to the 1700’s where the Laekenois was used fo...

Prior to that time they were known as “Chien d’Aubry”, Chien d’Montargis”, and, most commonly as “Chien Berger de Brie” or “Chien de Brie”. The Briquet Griffon Vendeen, or Medium Griffon Vendeen, is the direct descendant of the Grand Griffon Vendeen.

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