Sooyoung snsd dating

04-Oct-2019 08:26

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This also counts for any Korean celebrity, but we’ll focus on idols for now.The hierarchy seems to be idols, actors/actresses and gag men/women (in that order).It recently was 100% confirmed they are dating and SM Entertainment now says they developed feelings from that “brother-sister” relationship. I know they mean the two were close and developed feelings to get closer, but most people generally take the “brother-sister” relationship angle as being “friendzoned”, since brothers and sisters generally stay just friends.Anyway, the next SNSD member with a confirmed relationship is Yoona and the boyfriend should not come as a surprise to anyone who payed attention to her variety appearances.It seems actors/actresses dating idols is not uncommon and many celebrities will find dating another celebrity to be easier because that other celebrity is likely to understand their busy schedule more than a regular person with more time to commit to the relationship.

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This also has the problem with the agencies still bothering the idols, which is just like the kid still going into the room anyway.

His name is Jung Kyung Ho and he is an actor, so it’s no surprise he kept the secret for so long.