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02-Jan-2020 10:47

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When she dies, the most dominant male changes sex and takes her place.

So, besides fish, humans are also known to undergo sex change, by the operative way or you call it gender reassignment therapy The Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said her ministry would probably launch a study with the collaboration of universities to identify why more men were becoming interested in being women. Just one question Datuk Seri..they REALLY have choice what gender they want to be?

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But I guess many would be interested of knowing about transwomen, like Jessie Chung's case. Jahit bibir p*ki and lobang stay bukak FOr the lips to look beau...hafto jahit jahit a bit lar. Insert something lar..or anything..stage vely important one..Jessie's hubby kenot kacau her... Suntik hormon Suntik estrogen for the lobang to stay bukak and bibir p*ki cantik. Menurut Jessie, walaupun dia seorang lelaki yang menjalani pembedahan untuk menjadi wanita, namun semua bahagian badannya sensitif dan berfungsi sebagaimana wanita normal.``Setiap inci badan saya sensitif kepada rasa dan memberi tindak balas, perasaan dan kasih sayang saya juga sensitif sebagaimana wanita lain,'' katanya.

While this topic on 'Jessie Chung-transgender-first kind in Malaysia-sex change'is still hot and while other blog readers continue to drool over that Dawn Yang (do I really give a damn about her?