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Attractions include the Communal Kitchen Museum, Community Church Museum, Agricultural Museum, Homestead Store Museum and Amana Heritage Museum. The Villages of Van Buren encompass 12 tiny historic villages, and they offer plenty of interesting sights and experiences, like general stores, Amish buggy rides, museums, ruins, charming shops and more.

The Shelby County Historical Settlement houses many artifacts from different points in Iowa’s history.

Exhibits range from prehistoric artifacts that date back to the time woolly mammoths walked the land, to Native American artifacts, to items from the first settlers back in the 1840s and 1850s.

Among the exhibits are two cabins dating back to 18, giving visitors a look into the life of an Iowa pioneer. Decorah is like a little Norway right in Iowa, and the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum showcases the town’s heritage beautifully. The open air division of the museum showcases 12 historic buildings that give visitors a peek into what life used to be like in Norway. The Guthrie County Historical Village features 12 buildings, including a blacksmith, a church, a schoolhouse, a general store, and more.

Here are 11 destinations in Iowa that will take you back in time.

A visit to this unique Pella village will make you feel like you stepped into olden day Holland.

Sioux City, Iowa, is the location of the Council Oak, so named because Lewis and Clark held council with the Native Americans under its already 150-year-old branches.

Ever wonder what life was like in different countries, or over a hundred years ago? Iowa offers a plethora of interesting places where you can explore different cultures from different times in history, as well as get a unique glimpse into what Midwestern farm life used to be like.

The open-air museum depicting early life for Hoover includes the two-room cottage where he was born in 1874, along with several other historic buildings. Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family moved to Burr Oak, Iowa in 1876 after suffering through the grasshopper plagues in Walnut Grove, Minnesota.

This amazing museum was named one of the 15 Best Small-Town Museums in the U. There are also numerous exhibits, along with thousands of artifacts that delve into the history of Guthrie County from 1850 to the early-20th Century. In the 1860s, Walnut Grove was a crossroads settlement and stage coach stop.

This historic village offers 18 historic buildings that show what life was like back then, including a barber shop, saloon, church, bank, train depot, and more.

Red oak (native except in the far NW counties) is slower growing, but may be a better choice on non-acidic soils.

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It is fairly easy to transplant, grows faster than most oaks, and is adapted to a wide range of sites. A coarsely textured crown, wild and wooly acorns and a massive trunk with rough and deeply furrowed bark combine to make one impressive tree.

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