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They are part of a range of proposals which, if taken together, can have a profoundly beneficial effect on conditions in our most difficult schools.

[page 9] 6 Our recommendations also relate to the great majority of schools that are generally well ordered but in which significant improvements could still be made.

2 Many specialists will also find some of our recommendations to be proposals of the obvious. We were surprised to find that some schools are not following what seemed to us to be obvious good practice in simple matters.

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Our recommendations relating specifically to serious incidents of indiscipline will not, therefore, stand on their own.

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3 We were particularly concerned by reports that physical attacks by pupils on members of staff were commonplace and the cause of widespread anxiety among teachers.

Although our evidence indicates that there are few such attacks and that teachers do not perceive them as a principal disciplinary issue, we still regard this as a very serious matter indeed.Whether you want to work a little or a lot, why not apply today?

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