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18-Jan-2020 17:07

The project in Yemen was funded solely with money from Brussels, Britain contributing around a tenth of the total.

Yemen’s civil war, which began in March 2015, has cost at least 10,000 lives and pushed millions toward famine.

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We are facing a lot of problems buying food.’The remaining £21million pays for ‘technical support’ for the BISP scheme.

What no one on this bustling street, and precious few people anywhere in the impoverished South Asian country, realise is that a hefty portion of this handout has come directly from the pockets of British taxpayers.

We are making regular payments, for at least eight years, via SWIFT transfers from the coffers of the Department for International Development to a bank account controlled by the notoriously corrupt government of Pakistan.

Backbenchers have argued it is a scandal that so much is being spent abroad while elderly care in the UK is in crisis and town halls are threatening double-digit council tax hikes to close a funding gap.

The annual aid bill is between £12billion and £13billion, more than £360 for every income tax payer.

Around 235,000 families are pocketing payments every three months to boost their incomes, funded by UK taxpayers.