Rpg maker vx dating sim script

15-Dec-2019 17:31

Many customizable options, such as an icon and color for each currency, as well as the max and starting amount of that currency.Because this script heavily modifies the way the default gold is handled, it likely will not be completely compatible with scripts that do anything money related unless they provide a patch for this script.This script includes many little additions or functionality changes such as adding a TP bar to the main menu or allowing events to pass through followers.If you don't want to use a certain feature, simply delete the snippet.This script creates an encyclopedia, with the option to insert it into the default main menu. This script will add a treasure map scene where the player can view pictures located in Graphics/Pictures/Treasure Maps (case sensitive) after they have the item that corresponds with that picture.The encyclopedia contains a seperate list for items, armors, weapons, and monsters(called bestiary). Example: Player gains item Treasure Map 1, they can then go to this menu and view a screenshot of where some hidden treasure is.This script will allow you to press a button and be transferred to the interior of a vehicle if you're currently riding that vehicle. To return to the exterior of the vehicle, all you need to do is call a script. These scripts modify how the game starts up, such as by changing the title scene or adding new scenes before the title.Anything that impacts the flow of the game before the player is in game can be found here.

This script allows you to have encounters in the boat, ship, and airship.

Comes with 12 preset light effects that are made to replicate the light effects of Thomas Edison VX, however you can easily create your own effects as well and even use different images for each light!

Allows you to easily set up and populate your world with gathering nodes.

However, on the same map you can encounter bats if you're in the airship but not slimes).

Almost every option can be turned on/off with a switch.

I have moved on to RPG Maker MV and will be focusing entirely on CGMV engine and MV Resources. Mainly a scripting tool, but you can create and call your own basic toasts as well.