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was another of my favorite movies as a child and I often think of Heston as the action hero of my very early youth. Its easy to see why he became so involved with the NRA. The songs are rarely appropriate for what is happening on screen.He was clearly determined that when the world was taken over by apes or destroyed by a virus that he would be able to defend himself! When the infected are trying to take Neville's house and he is desperately trying to start the generator, we hear romantic music with occasional little bursts of horns.Heston wears a gaudy green house coat and whatever you call that frilly shirt. He looks as if he belongs in an Austin Powers movie.Dutch merely wears blue jeans and a leather jacket. An infected black guy calls Neville's home, "Honkey paradise." Lisa introduces Neville as, "He's the man, and I mean the man.What worries her is the 15 year age difference between Jessica and her 20 year old son.When Jessica asks JJ to move in with her he balks, not willing to leave the family that depends on him.

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Like the other two versions, only bits of this one resemble the book and also like the other two versions, it doesn't come close to capturing the quality of the source material.

The outfits, the attempts by Neville to sound hip, the poorly filmed action scenes and weak special effects all date this movie dramatically.

The only truly impressive moments are the scenes at the beginning that show an empty Los Angeles.

By abandoning the imposed existential philosophy, Neville lost his freedom of choice, becoming weak. I really tried to make it seem as if this movie has depth, but I just could not do it.

This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Thelma invites her favorite teacher to the apartment and while she is there she is fascinated with JJ's artwork. and the Older Woman" casts Rosalind Cash as Thelma's ballet teacher Jessica Bishop, who takes an instant liking to JJ's artwork, then the artist himself.