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01-Jan-2020 16:56

She also happens to be co-owner the cricket team from her home city, the Mumbai Indians.

She travels the world, educating people about Islam and Arab relations.

This Chinese-born American hottie is unwilling to be passed off as Rupert Murdoch’s arm candy wife.

Deng is a talented networker who formerly headed one of Murdoch’s TV channels in China.

These billionaire wives and girlfriends are compelled to put their best Louboutin-clad feet forward at all times. You will notice that these women are all in long-term relationships with their filthy rich husbands and boyfriends. Armed with a Ph D in Bioinformatics from Stanford, Southworth also has degrees from Oxford and the University of Pennsylvania. The billionaire founder of Citadel found a brilliant Frenchwoman to be his partner.

Not all billionaire wives are as independently successful.

The gorgeous Princess Ameerah is truly born to royalty.

Moreover, this princess shuns elaborate royal jewelry for simpler adornments instead. This athletic lady is not content living off her husband Alisher Usmanov’s millions either. Her novel, “The Testing of Luther Albright” won her the national book award.

She has long been associated with UNICEF and with raising awareness for children’s vaccines.