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29-Nov-2019 21:29

Everybody is different, but whether your body is flooded with symptoms or is dealing with its new job calmly and quietly as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening, it’s really really normal to feel anxious right now.You might be worried about how the pregnancy is progressing, or overwhelmed by thoughts of how a baby will change your life.There you are, staring out of the kitchen window, still half asleep, waiting for the kettle to boil and woah - before you’ve even had a chance to realise it, your body wants to expel half your insides.One minute you’re fine, the next you’re violently retching.

Their skin is still paper thin, and it still has that almost transparent, embryonic look.PUFFY, LEAKY NIPPLES & OTHER WAYS YOUR BOOBS WILL CHANGE IN PREGNANCY This is either good news, or bad depending on how you feel about them.You’re either strutting around like Pamela Anderson (summer pregnancies are the best for this group!Normal vaginal discharge in pregnancy - medically known as Lleukorrhoea - is a mild-smelling, clear or white, thin milky fluid that comes from your cervix and keeps your vagina clean.

The reason there’s more of it during pregnancy is because more blood is flowing to the area.MORNING SICKNESS - HOW TO COPE AND WHAT TO EAT There’s nothing ladylike about pregnancy nausea so this is kind of the start of a slight loss of dignity. Anyway, you know being sick means you’re having a girl right? One or the other and pretty much everyone will let you know their opinion while you sit there struggling to keep your jam on toast down. Look at you, bouncing down the street, listening to music and feeling like the pregnant, successful, kick ass star in your own movie! Did your gorgeous co star say the wrong thing because you suddenly look really hacked off?