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21-Oct-2019 10:54

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Your online profile is what will help people decide whether to contact you or not.

Well, let's start with what I'm not fine with: According to the same study, men's popularity doesn't vary with age but with salary and education, which is a whole heaping pile of ugh, society, come on, get it together.

But leaving aside that larger issue, which doesn't have a simple solution for getting changed in a hurry, I don't find it to be a big deal that I don't get as many messages as I used to.

I don't have scientific stats on my inbox.) Which is to say, 95 percent are still generic, cut-and-paste, overtly sexual, boring, offensive, or grammatical disasters, just like they were when I was 26.

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But the number of thoughtful, charming messages I get, while never as high, is still holding steady.Get to know people worth getting to know by searching or them online with e Harmony.