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Effective April 12, 2018TERMS OF SERVICE APPLICABLE TO SERVICE(S): You ("You" or "Customer") understand and agree that Sections 1 through 26 of this Residential Service Agreement ("Agreement") apply to Suddenlink Communications' ("Suddenlink") provision of each and every service ("Service(s)") ordered by Customer or provided by Suddenlink as part of a Service, which may include cable television service ("Video Service"), high speed data service ("High Speed Internet Service"), voice service ("Phone Service") and any equipment rented from or otherwise supplied by or on behalf of Suddenlink to you ("Equipment").

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In addition to all other relevant terms provided in this Agreement, a Customer who subscribes to one of Suddenlink's High Speed Internet Services, which may include internet access services, on line video services, e-mail services, e-commerce, online content, features and other online services under the control of Suddenlink or its affiliates understands and agrees that: TERMS OF SERVICE APPLICABLE ONLY TO THE PROVISION OF SUDDENLINK PHONE SERVICES.You can spend some quality time phone boning on our phonesex number with a unlimited teaser.