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In ceremonies and prayers they tried to gain the favor of these gods., they found seven great culture areas in the region.In addition to a marked absence of blood type B and the Rh-negative blood type among Native Americans, several other characteristics of their blood types set them apart from the Mongoloid peoples, with whom they were sometimes classed in the past.The Indians lived in different ways in various parts of the country., the Plains Indians became famous as expert hunters.With their swift ponies they could overtake a herd of buffalo and kill all the animals they needed.When the Spanish explorers saw them in the 16th century, they called the community houses pueblos from the Spanish word for village.

They gradually began tending flocks of these animals for a livelihood. Game animals were scarce, and the men could not supply enough food by hunting. The giant red cedar provided straight-grained wood which even crude tools could split.

Native Americans belong to the American Indian geographic race.

Characteristics include medium skin pigmentation, straight black hair, sparse body hair, and a very low frequency of male pattern balding.

They were handicapped by the lack of sharp metal tools. The most important of these was the buffalo, or bison.

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tribes largely depended upon the trees, the animals that lived in the woods, and the fish and shellfish from the streams and the sea. Since they knew how to grow crops, they could live in villages. There was enough rain for a thick carpet of grass but not enough to grow many trees. Indeed, the buffalo has been called "the Plains Indians' galloping department store." This animal gave the Indians almost everything they needed. From the skin they made tents, called tepees, boats, utensils, baggage, and some of their clothing.

Their hunters, warriors, and traders used paths now followed by roads and railroads.

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