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Most local people buy food at the Navy Exchange; which is essentially the downtown.

It is also home to a Subway, the bank, credit union, barbershop, and a few stores for clothes, etc. Guantanamo Bay is made up of military personnel, civilians and third country nationals or foreign nationals.

Finally, and probably most important, is that according to multiple people I spoke with, nowadays the detainees at Guantanamo Bay are treated better than most soldiers on island.

They receive excellent healthcare, food and are generally treated incredibly well: especially as some detainees are some of the world’s worst people.

Guantanamo Bay Naval Station will still be around regardless of whether the detention center is ever shut down or not.

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They verbally abuse the guards and the guards are expected to basically take it.

My sponsor arranged a dinner for me to meet people on the base at O’Kelly’s; which dubs itself as the only Irish pub on communist soil.