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Photo Baker Ejectors - A type of mechanism, built into the forend of a break-open firearm, utilizing a direct-acting coil spring to kick out a spent shell while only raising an unfired shell far enough to remove manually.Photo Balance - The handling characteristic of a break-open gun.Photo Alex Henry Forend - A forend with a circumferential groove at the tip, typical of this fine Scottish maker, (for tying a rifle into a vehicle-mounted rack? Adopted by the traditionalist Bill Ruger for his single shot Model No. Photo Alkanet Root - Alkanna tinctoria or Anchusa officinalis, related plants of the Boraginaceae family, whose root, when steeped in a solution of turpentine and/or linseed oil makes a reddish stain favored by the London gun trade to impart an underlying reddish hue to fine gun stocks. Photo Ambidextrous Safety - A safety catch that can be operated by either hand.Of benefit to left-handed shooters and in the event of an injury to the right hand.Annulus - A tiny circular recess at the base of a cartridge case surrounding the primer pocket.Recoil from fired cartridges invariably impress a discernable ring on the breech or bolt face of a firearm, providing some evidence of the amount of use it has seen.

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Photo %blue - Bluing is a thin surface coloring, induced either by heat or by polishing and the repeated application of an acid solution to form a type of blue-black rust.

Photo Anson & Deeley Action - A type of boxlock action design for a break-open gun, patented in 1875, the essence of simplicity utilizing only two springs and three moving parts (per barrel).

One of the most successful action designs ever, and still produced to this day by innumerable makers in many countries. any replica of any firearm described in subparagraph (A) if such replica (i) is not designed or redesigned for using rimfire or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition, or (ii) uses rimfire or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition which is no longer manufactured in the United States and which is not readily available in the ordinary channels of commercial trade.

Photo Arcaded Fences- Fences on a side-by-side gun decorated with a series of engraved crescents. Photo Arrowheads - A signature stock-carving detail of Robert G Owen, renown English-born American stockmaker, active 1920s - 1950s.

Photo Assault Weapon - A vague, emotional term, used to instill fear into the ignorant, by persons with political agenda.

Photo Ampersand "&" - A mark used by Colt to indicate a revolver having been returned to the factory for repair or refinishing.

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