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20-Nov-2019 20:56

s a speech-language pathologist and as a multilingual mother of bilingual children, I am finding myself shocked and confused at the number of parents I run into who have chosen not to speak their native language to their children for various reasons or who have been persuaded to believe that speaking their native language to their children will hurt them socially or academically if the primary language of the community is different.There are so many great articles and literature (based on good research) available on the topic of bilingualism and its benefits, even for children who may be experiencing language delays, that it seems redundant to write on the issue, but I feel compelled to do so because the passing down of a parent’s native language appears to be diminishing more and more.

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She has provided school-based and pediatric home health care services for nearly 12 years and thoroughly enjoys providing resources for SLPs, educators and parents on her website The Speech Stop.

Reply We live in the US and our 2.5 yrs old daughter goes to the local day care full time while both myself and my husband work full time.

We speak our 1st language (Japanese) at home but she speaks and responds in English almost always.

dont speak or asnwwr your child ever in english you havento be consistance…

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So dont give up; bte if you have more children; it become easier for them; this is what happaned to my other 3 girls:-) We never taught them english they learned on their own by listening to us and uaving friends who spoke the language; so today they speak the 3 of them.

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