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The goal of the game was to reach an genuine orgasm by masturbating in front of the 10 deadly machine guns pointed at their exposed pussies while millions of TV viewers watched this degrading but erotic game.The twist of the game was, that it had only one winner, but two losers.After the lucky girl was able to fuck a pardon out of her pussy, the unlucky third girl was given the courtesy of finishing herself off before her life was snuffed out as well.Knowing that holding back her orgasm just a little longer would give her some extra seconds or even minutes to live, some girls used to take it really slow.But there were some erotic and very entertaining twists which made it more enjoyable for the viewers as well as for the doomed girls: In each round, 3 girls had to stand naked with a spreader bar between their legs in front of a wall with 5 male and 5 female executioners aiming at them with machine guns.It was very common and actually encouraged by the organizers for the 10 volunteer executioners to undress and even masturbate during the game.They are the ones who decide whether a girl will be tortured to death using tools like torches, acid, power drills, buzz saws or if a girl is admitted to one of the less painful games like this one.It’s fair to assume that the girls who made it to this game must have used every „audition skill“ a perverted producer of those snuff shows might have on his wish list.

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While the executioners and the viewers could enjoy every minute of the game, the convicts had a way more difficult task at hand: winning the game was all about sexual self control.

And to make it more interesting the executions take place in form of several games. Part of the game was the fact that each convict had the chance of getting a last minute pardon.