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It was bringing out my aggressive, ambitious and slightly caustic self," the star shares with Hollywood Life.

"I had trouble segueing my dating habits from the New York scene, which is super aggressive, and that wasn't going over well here,” Julia tells the site. Right."By the way – mental note to future Julia – "Don't let your daughters watch Sex & the City unless you first make them sign a binding legal agreement that they will not attempt to become Carrie!

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The Dutch, being Protestant, were more tolerably toward Jews (it’s where Spinoza was born too, mind you), and by the 16th century, the Dutch were getting into the business of empire.

When the Catholic Portuguese arrived in the 1650s, the Dutch lost control and the ghosts of the Catholic Inquisition returned: the 23 Jews living in Recife went north, arriving in the Dutch’s northernmost colony, New Amsterdam.

The year was 1654, which historians consider America’s first Jewish community.

Here’s my own take: not long ago, say the before the 2008 financial meltdown, this interpretation was heard embraced with pride: historically, American Jews never saw a contradiction between material wealth and piety, so why feel bad about it now?

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But last night, that note felt more discordant than comforting.

With all due respect to the Eldridge Street Synagogue, whose magnificent stained glass window by Kiki Smith is all the talk of town, the shul gets too much attention.