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That all changed around 1986 when I first heard Brecker on a recording and then saw him live with Steps Ahead in Buffalo NY. Soon after that I switched to the tenor sax full-time and have been playing it as my main instrument ever since. Why release a MB model that isn’t like Michael’s mouthpiece and then release a MBII that is still not like his mouthpiece? ” Still, I could not get a definitive answer, everyone I talked to had a different take and opinion.

Years later, I bought an original Guardala Studio model tenor mouthpiece in search of that Brecker sound. A month ago, I posted a review of the Shizhao Pilgrimage tenor mouthpiece and I asked Mr. He responded that it was a copy of an original Guardala he had bought off of Ebay and forwarded the description to me from the Ebay ad which again brought up this whole subject of which mouthpiece Michael Brecker actually played: Haha!!

Wilfredo himself immigrated from Honduras as a teenager.

In 2016, part 1 focused on the decision to leave home and journey to a new place.

The Cerqua Rivera dance ensemble and members of their jazz band will perform the work in progress for you.

You will hear from the choreographer and composer making the piece, in this case company cofounders Wilfredo Rivera and Joe Cerqua.

I ended up selling the Guardala studio model a few months later. Periodically we would go to Mike’s home and he would switch out.I wanted to write a blog post on this subject because there has been a lot of discussion and confusion over the years about the Guardala mouthpiece Michael Brecker played on.

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