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Another empowering image in the show is the fostering relationship between a beauty and a geek.

Throughout the third season, Jennylee and Nate grow closer and eventually have a somewhat romantic relationship; relationships emerged in the first two seasons as well.

The message Beauty and the Geek tries to send, though, is that it is not right for these women to think that simply because they are beautiful, they are entitled to get what they want and think they deserve.

The men are there to teach them (and viewers/society) that beauty is only skin deep and looks certainly are not everything, which is an empowering message for the men on the show and anyone who can relate to them.

Viewers saw numerous geeks attempting to get their partners to read and study, but some beauties chose not to listen.

The women did what they pleased (which sometimes meant studying, but not in all cases) while the men begged them to put their efforts toward the competition, illustrating the women’s dominance and power.

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In a piece discussing image-based culture, Sut Jhally writes, "Sexuality provides a resource that can be used to get attention and communicate instantly" (253).

However, the men are supposed to be teaching the women that looks are not everything and they should not value appearances as highly as they do.

By making the men more attractive as part of a challenge, this message is sadly overridden.

While the women have power because of their strong personalities and high self-esteem, stemming largely from their good looks, their looks alone also empower them.

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Jennylee realized this, saying, “Usually I’m getting by based on my looks…I never really thought about that.

Beauty and the Geek contains both empowering and overpowering images, thereby sending contradicting messages to the contestants and viewers.