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06-Nov-2019 17:13

Most recently, Theroux was spotted strolling along in New York City with fellow actor's apartment.Now, before you get carried away, there is NOTHING romantic going on between these celebrities.Sounds like Justin Theroux is throwing himself into work right now.As you surely know, all eyes have been on the 46-year-old following his highly publicized split from Jennifer Aniston.White's estranged husband Mark Burton claims in his lawsuit that Carrey broke up with White just hours after she informed him she would be going in for a sexually transmitted disease test - and has included texts between the two as evidence.The actor on the other hand is seen in the submitted texts repeatedly asking White to sign a contract after the split, which Burton claims in his suit was meant to ensure that she would not sue the Hollywood star for allegedly infecting her with STDs.

Despite its importance, "The Big Parade" is not named in the film.There are also some other historical aspects that need to be addressed.