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Electronic identity cards or e-IDs are already available in some territories such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Estonia, Finland, Belgium, Portugal and Spain.Morocco is also planning to launch a new identity card of biometric type by January 2007.In the United Kingdom and the United States especially, government-issued compulsory identity cards or, more precisely, their centralised database are a source of debate as they are regarded as an infringement of privacy and civil liberties.Most criticism is directed towards the enhanced possibilities of extensive abuse of centralised and comprehensive databases storing sensitive data.These include Austria, Finland, France (see France section), Hungary (however, all citizens of Hungary must have at least one of: valid passport, photocard driving licence, or the National ID card), Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (see below).In the United States, states issue optional identity cards for people who do not hold a driver's license as an alternate means of identification.In practice, random checks are rare, except in certain times.

During the UK Presidency of the EU in 2005 a decision was made to: "Agree common standards for security features and secure issuing procedures for ID cards (December 2005), with detailed standards agreed as soon as possible thereafter.These cards are issued by the same organization responsible for driver's licenses, usually called the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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