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40-2348 North American B-25B Mitchell MSN 62B-2898/62B-3017 2230 damaged May 19, 1942 in landing at Westover Field, Massachusetts. 2243 (MSN 62B-2912) destroyed Sep 13, 1941 at Ellington Field, Texas before delivery so it was deleted from the order. 44-86370 Martin-Omaha B-29-50-MO Superfortress 86319 B-29MR. The fuel capsule, carried separately, was recovered. 86344 (462nd BG, 768th BS) crashed from unknown cause at Sakatoichiba Chiba, Japan Aug 2, 1945. 1 killed, 11 bailed out and 1 was killed by Japanese Navy soldiers when he resisted capture. 86346 to the Martin Modification Center, Omaha, NB, for Code Silverplate conversion for the carriage of atomic weapons. Assigned to 393rd Bomb Squadron, 509th Composite Group. Reported late 1946/early 1947 at Roswell Army Air Force Base, NM, as operational.

7336 (MSN 15B-221) W/o 4Dec 1942 at Longview, AK, condemned Dec 5, 1942 7337 crashed into bay at Nome Landing Field, Alaska Jun 25, 1942. 24868 (6th BG, 39th BS) exploded over Tokyo at unknown date. 63370 (CCTS, 234th BU) damaged while parked in a ground accident at Clovis AAF, NM Oct 9, 1944. 87735 crashed while attempting to land at Walker AFB near Roswell, NM Dec 15, 1949. 87741 (B-29MR) crashed on landing at Anderson AFB, Guam Dec 17, 1953. Suffered onboard fire Nov 4, 1949 in rear compartment. 21859 to B-29F electronic reconnaissance aircraft used in Arctic conditions.

Pilot killed 7136 condemned Jun 17, 1942 7137 MIA Jun 26, 1942 7138 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7139 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7140 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7141 to RAAF as A53-7. Surveyed in USA May 22, 1944 7142 spun in and crashed at Harding Field, LA May 23, 1942. (98th BW, 345th BS) shot down by Mi Gs near Cho-do, North Korea Nov 19, 1952. both later converted to YKB-29J 86400 (98th BW) damaged by AAA Mar 1, 1951. 86401 To the Sacramento Air Material Center, Sacramento, CA, 1947 for Project DOM-515 Saddleback conversion for the carriage of atomic weapons 86402 used as mothership for X-7/XQ-5 programs.

Pilot killed 7143 (MSN 15B-28) W/o 23Aug 1943 at Thomasville, GA, surveyed at Dale Mabry Field, FL Aug 24, 1943 7144 (MSN 15B-29) W/o 21Oct 1942 at Cross City AAB, FL, to reclamation at Brookley Field May 7, 1945 7145 condemned Oct 31, 1944 7146 (MSN 15B-31) W/o 8Nov 1942 at Salinas, CA, to CL-26 at Salanis AB, CA Dec 16, 1942 7147 wrecked at Detroit, MI Sep 1, 1943. Reported early 1970s to be at Aircraft Industries Museum, Louisville, KY 86408 used to collect radioactive samples during postwar atomic tests.. 86415 (98th BW, 343rd BS) ditched in Sea of Japan after leaflet dropping mission Sep 19, 1951. 44-86473 Martin-Omaha B-29-60-MO Superfortress 86430 to the Martin Modification Center, Omaha, NB, for Code Silverplate conversion for the carriage of atomic weapons.

Pilot killed 7338 crashed at Harding AAF, LA May 19, 1942. 7339 (MSN 15B-224) Conv to P-39F-2-BE; w/o at Fort Myers AAF, FL, surveyed at Fort Myers AAF, FL May 31, 1943 7340 to CL-26 at Robbins Field Oct 24, 1943 7341 (MSN 15B-226) W/o 16Oct 1942 at Mc Grath, AK, condemned Oct 17, 1942 7342 in wheels-up landing at Crystal Alke AAF Aug 21, 1942 and DBR 7343 crashed 3 m NE of Dale Malbry AAF, FL Mar 18, 1942. 24867 (505th BG, 484th BS) lost from unknown cause in Pacific Ocean Feb 10, 1945 while on mission to Nakajima aircraft factory at Ota, Japan. 63373 (482nd BS, 505th BG) w/o Oct 24, 1944 when crashed after belly landing due to engine failure and was consumed by fire 3/4 mi S of Harvard AAF, NE. 16 on board, 11 survived, but 8 on ground also died. 21866 (3150th Electronics Squadron) crashed 2 mi S of Waycross, GA after taking off from Robins AFB Oct 6, 1948. 21867 (last B-29 to be delivered) converted to WB-29.

Pilot killed 7344 to reclamation at Dothan, AL Mar 22, 1945. 41-36967 Boeing YB-29-BW Superfortress MSN 3325/3338 36954 converted to XB-39. MACR 12486 24858 (468th BG) lost from unknown cause in Pacific Ocean Jul 12, 1945 while on mission to Kawasaki, Japan Jul 12, 1945. 24864 (504th BG, 398th BS) lost from unknown cause near Japan Apr 1, 1945, while on mission to sow mines at Kure Harbor. 63374 (5th BW, "Tabooma II") participated in Jan 11, 1945 Mission 27 raid on Singapore Kings Drydock from Calcutta, and the Jan 14, 1945 Mission 28 raid on Kagi Air Base, Formosa 63375 in ground accident Jul 2, 1944 while assigned to Material section of the Marietta Aircraft Assembly Plant, Marietta, GA. Must have been restored to service with US Army, since skidded upon landing at Roi-Namur in the Marshall Islands on flight from Kwajalein. 72651 (MSN 10756) to MASDC at unknown date 72652 (MSN 10757) to civil registry as N2302D. 87744 (WB-29, 58th WRS) crash landed at Moses Point, Alaska in late 1951 due to two inflight engine failures. Crashed (58th SRS, Weather) Sep 25, 1953 near Eielson AFB, Alaska. 46-60 Boeing B-50A-25-BO Superfortress MSN 15766/15780 47 (43rd BG, 63rd BS) crshed Nov 16 1950 53 mi W of Davis Monthan AFB, AZ after midair collision with KB-29 44-70024. 49 (43rd BW, 63rd BS) collided with B-50A 47-101 Jul 17, 1953 and crashed 12 mi SSE of Williams AFB. 46-524 Mc Donnell XP-85 Goblin Redesignated XF-85 in 1948. Shipped to the Ames Aeronautical Research Laboratory, NAS Moffett, CA Nov 9, 1947 for wind tunnel tests.2262 (MSN 62B-2931) W/o Mar 12, 1942 at Columbus, SC 2263 to Brazil 2264 (MSN 62B-2933) W/o Jan 16, 1943 at Charleston AAB, SC 2266 (MSN 62B-2935) W/o Jan 14, 1943 at Charleston AAB, SC 2267 (17th BG, 89th RS (432nd BS) "TNT") was Doolittle raider. 2281 (MSN 62B-2950) W/o Dec 24, 1941 at Portland AAB, OR 2282 (17th BG, 95th BS) was Doolittle raider. Target was Tokyo, attacked by 4 fighters, gun turret inoperative, salvoed bombs, ran out of fuel, crew bailed SE of Shangjao Apr 18, 1942. 2284 (MSN 62B-2953) W/o May 29, 1942 at Lake View, MA 2288 to RAF as FK164. 2291 was damaged Mar 23, 1942 at Eglin AAF on takeoff during training for Doolittle Raid and did not make the mission. W/o Feb 19, 1943 in accident and converted to components. Assigned to 509th Composite Group Reported late 1946/early 1947 at Roswell Army Air Force Base, NM, as operational (7th Radar Calibration Squadron) destroyed in post-crash fire Dec 18, 1953 when pilot and copilot mistook Ogden MAP, Utah for nearby Hill AFB, but down on much shorter runway, overran threshold, bounced across deep ditch, canal, crossed highway, came to rest in pieces and immediately caught fire. 86383 to the Martin Modification Center, Omaha, NB, for Code Silverplate conversion for the carriage of atomic weapons. Reported late 1946/early 1947 at Roswell Army Air Force Base, NM, as operational.