Hiv positive guys for dating

03-Jan-2020 13:58

Monogamy is great, don’t get me wrong, but it can fail.

The truth is most HIV infection is a result of sex with someone who doesn’t know their status.

People who are giving it to other people, more often than not, don't realize they have it and are not on any medicine.

It's the ones who don't know who are accidentally transmitting it.

T: No, because I wasn't 100 percent sure who it was, and I don't think it's something you can go accusing someone of. SA: What did you know about HIV/AIDS before contracting it? I can't be mad at someone for reacting that way because, honestly, I probably would've reacted the same way a year ago. You just don't think it's possible until it happens. It's predominantly known in the gay community, but bisexual men who have been with girls and guys can pass it along also. SA: Do you make a conscious effort to know more about it now?

I have an idea that makes more sense in my timeline but I never asked directly. T: To be honest, not much, and that's why I completely understood your reaction. T: I still don't know as much as I should, but I have definitely researched it.

I was still on edge, however, viciously browsing the internet for the number of a free clinic. Of course, my intentions weren't to treat him like some wild animal. I wasn't well-informed on the subject, and I didn't want to come off like a complete idiot. As it turns out, while HIV diagnoses continues to drop, with an increase in testing and prevention efforts, more than 1.2 million people continue to live with it in the US.

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Sure you can find some guys with HIV who are, shall we say, socially generous, but you’ll find the same in the HIV-negative community. It’s a pretty poor state of affairs if you think the stigma is going to rub off on you – surely that’s a just call for us all, whether we are HIV-positive or negative to work together to challenge stigma?

To support FS, visit, or, if you’re in the UK, text FSFS15 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 (or £10, if you can).

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I want people to be able to have open and honest discussions about HIV and about what they know or suspect about their own status.

I think it’s vital if we’re going to reduce new infections and challenge stigma.Matthew Hodson, the Chief Executive of GMFA, writes on the continued stigmatisation of HIV-positive people, and argues that avoiding sex or a relationship with someone HIV-positive is actually a bad strategy.

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