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When Group Policy is updated, the Windows desktop is refreshed; it flickers briefly and closes open menus.

Also, restrictions imposed by Group Policies, such as those that limit the programs a user can run, might interfere with tasks in progress.

IV00101 – Item Master IV00102 – Item Quantity Master IV00103 – Item Vendor Master IV00104 – Item Kit Master IV00105 – Item Currency Master IV00106 – Item Purchasing IV00107 – Item Price List Options IV00108 – Item Price List IV00109 – Item Serial Number Mask IV00111 – Site Defaults IV00113 – Item Price List Details IV00118 – Item Cost Change History IV00200 – Item Serial Number Master IV00300 – Lot Number Master IV00301 – Lot Attribute Master IV10000 – Unposted/Work Transactions (header) IV10001 – Unposted/Work Transactions (line detail) IV10002 – Serial and Lot Number Work IV10200 – Purchase Receipts (header) IV10201 – Purchase Receipts Detail (line detail) IV10300 – Unposted Stock Count (header) IV10301 – Unposted Stock Count (line detail) IV30101 – Sales Summary History IV30102 – Sales Summary Period History IV30200 – Transaction History (header) IV30300 – Transaction Amounts History (line detail) IV30301 – Transaction Amounts Detail History IV30400 – Serial and Lot Number History IV30500 – Distribution History IV30600 – Lot Attribute History IV30700 – Stock Count History (header) IV30701 – Stock Count Line History (line detail) IV40400 – Item Class Setup IV40201 – U of M Schedule Setup (header) IV40202 – U of M Schedule Detail Setup IV40600 – Item Category Setup IV40700 – Site Setup IV40800 – Price Level Setup BM00101 – Bill of Materials Header BM00111 – Bill of Materials Component BM10200 – Assembly Transaction (header) BM10300 – Assembly Component (line detail) BM10400 – Assembly Serial/Lot BM30100 – Assembly Batch History BM30200 – Assembly Transaction History (header) BM30300 – Assembly Component History (line detail) BM30400 – Assembly Serial/Lot History BM40100 – Bill of Materials Setup 1 – Inventory Adjustment 2 – Variance 3 – Inventory Transfer 4 – Purchase Receipt 5 – Sales Returns 6 – Sales Invoices 7 – Assembly 8 – Inventory cost adjustment from POP Shipment (transaction source GLTRX) 11 – Inventory cost adjustment from POP Invoice (transaction source POIVC) 1 – (none) 2 – Issue 3 – Reverse Issue 4 – Finished Good Post 5 – Reverse Finished Good Post 6 – Stock Count 7 – Field Service – Service Call 8 – Field Service – Return Material Authorization 9 – Field Service – Return to Vendor 10 – Field Service – Work Order 11 – Project Accounting 12 – In-Transit Inventory Transfer IVIVINDX – Inventory On Hand IVIVOFIX – Inventory Offset IVCOGSIX – Cost of Goods Sold IVSLSIDX – Sales IVSLDSIX – Markdowns IVSLRNIX – Sales Returns IVINUSIX – In Use IVINSVIX – In Service IVDMGIDX – Damaged IVVARIDX – Variance DPSHPIDX – Drop Ship Items PURPVIDX – Purchase Price Variance UPPVIDX – Unrealized Purchase Price Var IVRETIDX – Inventory Returns ASMVRIDX – Assembly Variance The DECPLCUR field stores a code for the number of decimal places to use for the currency amounts on the item.

If you are using multicurrency, there will be a number of decimal places for each item/currency combination in IV00105.

To set an update rate for computer Group Policies, use the Group Policy refresh interval for computers policy.

Tip Consider notifying users that their policy is updated periodically so that they recognize the signs of a policy update.

Typing a large number establishes a broad range and makes it less likely that client requests overlap. Important If the Disable background refresh of Group Policy policy is enabled, this policy is ignored.

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I’ll admit that I don’t try to contrive difficulties for myself.

So I decided to start from scratch in editing the SOP Blank History Invoice template but even then no data was displayed.

Up to this point I had checked on articles and discussions from the larger Dynamics community about modifying Word Templates, besides doing my own testing and learning by trial and error, but to no avail. I wasn’t sure what to do next and eventually decided to try another internet search, using different search criteria.

By default, user Group Policy is updated in the background every 90 minutes, with a random offset of 0 to 30 minutes.

You can specify an update rate from 0 to 64,800 minutes (45 days).It is important to note that the code stored in DECPLCUR is not the actual number of decimal places, which will be the code minus 1.

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