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10-Sep-2019 10:53

That is how I became one of the 300 participants to the 2007 Taiwan Tech Trek.

Originally upon my acceptance into this internship program, I was assigned as a research assistant at Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) with four other students.

There were, however, three reasons I decided to accept the internship offer.

First, I didn’t want to idle during my summer break and this internship might just help me gain valuable experience as an international relations professional in the future.

Then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs screens these applications and sends them to appropriate sponsoring hosts for final selection.

The problem is that during the selection process there is no follow up by the sponsoring hosts to verify what applicants put down for on the paper.

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Ultimately, through this eight week internship experience, interns would be interested enough to pursue a career in Taiwan in the future.Unfortunately, my placement with Taiwan Foundation for Democracy was probably the only thing the TTT (Taiwan Tech Trek) did right.