Flash 8 datagrid updating flash remoting cfc

14-Oct-2019 08:24

I am able to produce a crash of FB 4.5.1 by just trying to close an MXML file by clicking the close button of the tab, or by closing a project.

In a real setting, you would of course consider managing sessions and logins more restrictively.I have a cfc that returns empty strings back into my project when I attempt an auto login through LDAP.The same files perform correctly on a different server with IIS 6.I am assuming I am missing some configuration in the Cold Fusion Flex integration but I am not sure what it is. Enable Flash Remoting support & Enable Remote Adobe Live Cycle Data Management access are both checked SSL connections are not being used.

I absolutly did read the guidance notes and it was based in them that we installed.You can choose your language settings from within the program.