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Sundered Frontier, however, keeps offering level-appropriate content all the way to 90.Those heading to Stonebrunt and Great Divide might want to wait until the middle of this range before traveling.Players will need to visit a wizard spire in order to access these lands and can get through this range by working through these three areas.Once a player is around 67, she can head to Kylong Plains for a very different experience.

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That's because the Golden Path is really just the name given to the Hallmark Quest series that begins in Butcher Block Mountains.

And would you believe that place conveniently happens to be a perfect zone for the level you just acquired?

But you do not have to remain in that prescribed zone to get your levels!

Players who prefer to stay in the newer starting areas will have everything covered through level 20, but those venturing into other areas will need to move between zones more often.

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Fortunately, the zones for the second levels of sewers are located right in the first level for an easy transition.Levels 61 - 70In this group, Loping Plains is good for the entire 10 levels.

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