Dual optic accommodating lens

07-Oct-2019 14:19

The Magnetic Flux Density, B, is constant and so Lines of Force is proportional to the Effective Area, Aeff, of the Loop (Lines of Force = B x Aeff.) As the Loop rotates at different angles, there is a change in Aeff which is shown in the illustration below.The Rate of Change of the Lines of Force is the largest at the zero points of the Waveform and is the smallest at the peaks of the Waveform.The mechanical energy of the moving wire is converted into the electric energy.

It is the intent of this article to establish a foundation of knowledge that will enable us to build a new production system that generates the clean stable set power (seen in the waveform above right) capable of operating larger lights (HMIs up to 6kw or Quartz lights up to 5kw), or more smaller lights, off of portable gas generators than has ever been possible before.The next 1/4 turn brings the loop back to position A, and the cycle starts over again.If we were to plot on a graph this induced emf against coil rotation, we would get the sinusoidal waveform that appears below the loop diagrams in the illustration above. All the area above this line is positive ( ), and the area below is negative (-).The Electromotive Force, (emf) induced in a Coil is proportional to the number of turns, N, in the Coil and the Rate of Change of the number of Magnetic Flux Line passing through the surface (A) enclosed by the Coil.

In the rudimentary generator illustrated here, the Coil is under a Stationary Magnetic Field.

Harmonic noise of this magnitude can also damage HD digital cinema production equipment, create ground loops, and possibly create radio frequency (RF) interference.