Different dating ideas

25-Sep-2019 06:53

You can find batting cages both indoors and outdoors – so it’s great for all seasons!

Race Each Other in Go-Carts Most everyone enjoys racing around the track in go-carts!

Try something different – visit a theme restaurant!

From the Medieval Times (dinner and tournament), Hard Rock Café (dinner and music memorabilia), Dave & Buster’s (dinner and arcades) and Rainforest Café (dinner in a rainforest atmosphere), you are sure to be surrounded by conversation topics!

Pop down the roof of a convertible or hop in the back of a truck and watch movies on the big screen like generations before.

Be sure to take some blankets for comfort and check to see if they permit bringing your own beverages/snacks.

Take Fido to the Dog Park Looking for a casual date that is animal friendly?

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Visit the Book Store – But Not for Books Many bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble, offer more than just the latest bestsellers.

See who has the best lap time around the track and the one with the second fastest time buys the winner dessert.