Derrick ward dating esther baxter

26-Dec-2019 13:52

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Chances are we could give 2 sh*ts about either of these people. Rapper Joe Budden hasn't learned his lesson about messing around with video chicks--like his most recent ex Esther Baxter.And the video chicks haven't learned their lesson about messing with rappers who haven't had a hit since 2003.Blue Ivy Checks Everybody, Including Grandma» Nicki Minaj Is About To Make It Rain On Her College Barbz Pregnant Chanel Iman Bumps Along At The Races Cassie Hits The Stage In NYC» This Is How Kevin Hart & Family Do Lunch & Ice Cream In LA Rasheeda Celebrates Birthday With Estranged Husband Kirk Frost » Donald Glover Makes A Grocery Run With Girlfriend Michelle & Their New Baby Boy» Aaron Hernandez's Fiancé Just Revealed She's Pregnant, But Not Who The Father Is» 'Devastated' Morgan Freeman Issues 2nd Apology Saying 80 Year Life Is At Risk Of Being Undermined, 1 Alleged Victim Explains Her Comments» WHAT A MESS!Morgan Freeman 'Apologizes' After 8 Women Accused Him Of Sexual Harassment & Inappropriate Behavior» Woman SPEAKS OUT After Filing Herpes Lawsuit Against R.Then it was booty-model-I-wanna-be-a-rapper Somaya Reece (even though he denies it). It all started in the wee hours of the morning when Joe released the cover of his new track "Ordinary Love Sh*t #3" with him and Esther on the cover, and the song is taking lots of digs at Esther.He tweeted AND told The Breakfast Club this morning about their breakup (who knew they were even a couple??Didn't Diddy tell cry baby ass dudes like you No bitchassness. Stop airing chicks business out on the internet like a bitch, and handle your business off the internet like a MAN. These men and i use the term men loosely, love to call these women hoes and bitches. Slick talking about females when they laying up in the bed with them raw and creating out of wedlock babies. FMB to Get Consumers to Support 2 pair!

this dude said " I must be naive", smfh he is just playing the victim as usual .... Looks like this bitch was possibly going to be on Maury for her paternity test!!!!! Joe stop trying to change these HOES to house wives man!!! In a couple of weeks from now this wench is going to say "i wish the lord sends me a good man." Useless whores!!!!! Joe was ntg but a stepping stool Esther, get tht paper mami!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Karma in effect PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, TELL ME WHERE THE FABULOUSNESS WENT WITH THIS WEBSITE?

At the end of 2010, blacks accounted for almost half (66%) of people living with a diagnosis of HIV infection in the 37 states and 5 US dependent areas with long-term, confidential, name-based. AND BY THE WAY I HOPE SHE NO WHO IS HER BABY DADDY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twitter has turned supposed adults into crying lil baby bytches. Handle your personal business in private and not on some social network. But, I cant blame her for cheating with Derrick Ward. Fox With Foolishness» Married Pastor Gets BLASTED On Facebook By Alleged Side Chick For CHEATING- RECEIPTS! Kelly’s Lawyer, Publicist & Assistant Reportedly Jump Ship Amid Reports He Gave 19-Year-Old Herpes» Paula Patton's Man Says He's 'Only Married By Law,' Paula Brings Him On TV & Gushes 'I'm In Love!

Joe earns a GREAT living performing & touring as part of the group Slaughterhouse that just signed with Eminem. Lyfe Jennings Pulls A Baby Stunt On Social Media & You’ll Never Guess Why » Dominique Perry Welcomes Baby Girl, And The Father Is Reportedly Her 'Insecure' Co-Star! '» This Is How Kevin Hart & Family Do Lunch & Ice Cream In LA Rasheeda Celebrates Birthday With Estranged Husband Kirk Frost » FAMILY IN PARIS!

You claim you can't turn a ho into a housewife, but you can sex a supposed ho raw and impregnate her? FMB to Get Consumers to Support 2 pair!

Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out..He'll look like he's trying to make her look bad before she makes him look like an abusing asshole... Every time this dude messes with a girl, it always ends this way with him being disrespectful and airing out mad crap.