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BUY THESE DRESSES: (left), 5 // (right) The Vintage Devotion on Etsy, 9 Photography (right) thanks to The Vintage Devotion THE LOOK: Luxurious lace and girlie girl glamour!

The ‘50s was like the ‘30s all over again, only with more contagious zeal for all fashionable fabrics and flattering function that was denied in the war era of the ‘40s.

I was scrolling through old photos on my phone the other day in the presence of my boyfriend, whom I've been dating for a year and have talked about marriage with casually.

Thanks to the growing popularity of “Hollywood,” women wished to emulate the attention-grabbing attraction of the silver screen’s most famous star wardrobes. Last week was unofficial “Kate Middleton wedding extravaganza” week at Sammy Davis Vintage, where I highlighted some awesome wedding vintage tips like how to wear vintage to themed weddings and for the big royal wedding day, how to wear a vintage hat like the fashionable princess that Kate is!Today I switch gears from royal wedding mania to focus on the more academic side of weddings, and how you can learn to distinguish between different wedding dress styles as influenced by the cultural circumstances of the times.As the women’s suffrage movement succeeded with the passing of the 19 amendment for women’s right to vote in 1920, the women’s “suffocation” movement further lost steam, thanks to the fact that dropped waistlines and sexier, leg revealing styles lessened the need for tight-fitting girdles.

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BUY THESE DRESSES: (left), 4 // (right), 2 THE LOOK: While the ‘20s saw roomy & fancy free dresses emerge down the aisle, the ‘30s embraced the female silhouette for all that she had to offer.

My mom was with me, and we spotted this gorgeous wedding dress that made my heart race and my eyes bulge.