Dating on earth dbsk summary

24-Nov-2019 02:37

I don't want to hear all the harsh criticsms and stuff, so hopefully they'll get a long needed rest before everything starts. Maybe they're still trying to decide whether to show the kissing scene of Micky? I thought they were already finished with the filming.I mean, that girl's life is in danger once the kiss is shown on tv... Wow, I didn't know that Hero was going to be in it too. I can't wait but then I guess I have to wait till September and then have to wait for the english subs.... i've been hearing abt it since vacation's release not long after..wonder when it'll finally be's relaly been really really releases soon.. ^ someone wrote a while ago, don't remember where or who wrote it, that they aren't even going to release it, which pissed me off..bother filming something, and wasting money if you aren't going to put it out there for the fans?

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Yoochun es el estudiante más popular hasta que llega Jeejong, un estudiante de transferencia que perdió a sus padres cuando era todavía un niño. this time i’m going crazy to find dbsk video on youtube… but i think it will get a big attention from fans!!