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This belief like Paganism, come with some basic customs. They believe that afterlife exists and it is like a utopia.They also believe in prayer as a way to give thanks to God for helping us avoid evil.Colin Robert Chase (1935 – October 13, 1984) was an American academic. Chase was married to his wife Joyce, and had children Deirdre, Robert, Tim, Mary, and Patrick. He had been a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church, and participated in the attendant training program.He was the Associate Professor of English at the University of Toronto, known for his contributions to the studies of Old English and Anglo-Saxon literature. from Harvard University in 1956, and studied classics and philosophy for five years at a Jesuit seminary. A.s from Saint Louis University and Johns Hopkins University, and at the University of Toronto, where in 1967 he became a part-time instructor, he completed his Ph. He had also performed in campus stage productions, a talent that had nearly led to a career in acting.Another custom believes in fate and that is it supposed to control your destiny or duties in life. Another custom is beliefs in imaginary things like dragons and magic. Pagans were set out with admirable sense, to enjoy earth or himself.Again, believing in fate, if they were going for the worst they would look at it without bitterness.

These few examples of narration help prove other documents statements thinking how this poem has Christian elements. In the same article, the author also said, "The date of and comparing it to the timing of the peak of Christian practice.

Throughout this poem, we see the cross between striving for a Christian God and fighting for pagan vengeance.

Christianity and Paganism combined together created a holy ground on which was built.

Again, these points in the poem are very important to the plot and it is impacted by religious beliefs. Another example is when the narrator says, "The clear song of a skilled poet telling…how the Almighty had made the earth" (81-98).

Narration was impacted heavily by Christianity and is found throughout the text of the poem. Here, the narrator is describing scenes at Herot and it refers to God as the Almighty.The poem fused Christian and Pagan ideals to reflect on the time and place in which it was written.