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Over the years the Herero took over this name still use it until today.Most of the Ovahimba followed a popular warrior named Vito back to Namibia in 1920.The remaining Herero in the Kaokoveld came under attack from the Swartbooi and Topnaar Nama in the 19th century.The Nama entered the Kaokoveld from the south, also looking for better grazing grounds.When a visitor comes knocking, a man shows his approval and pleasure of seeing his guest by giving him the Okujepisa Omukazendu treatment.

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Large groups of the Herero people left the Kaokoveld and looked for better grazing grounds for their herds in the south-east.A polygamous people, the Himba girls are married off to male partners selected by their fathers once they attain puberty. The red colour seen on their skin is called, the otjize paste ( a combination of butterfat, omuzumba scrub and ochre) and its function is to protect their skin from the sun and insect bites.They are also guided by the belief that the colour red signifies “Earth and blood”.The woman has little or no opinion in the decision making. She has an option of refusing to sleep with him but has to sleep in the same room as the guest.

She is also entitled to give her friends to her husband when they visit but this rarely happens.Rather than take their baths, the women take a smoke bath and apply aromatic resins on their skin.