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His rococo style figurines influenced porcelain making in all of Europe. The second half of 18th century marked the transition to neoclassical designs.Michel Victor Acier was appointed as master modeller.He committed no crime but the elector of Saxony heard of his efforts to produce gold using alchemy.Augustus made Böttger to work for him but his efforts to manufacture gold were fruitless.In 1916 was inaugurated a Porcelain Museum in Meissen.

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At the same time Augustus the Strong build a Royal Porcelain Factory in Meissen. At first, the manufacture produced red ware known now as Böttger stoneware.

Here is the article on dating Meissen porcelain 1948 - 2015. There is a drop of boasting in gathering, as well as a desire to stop the magic that is hidden in old things used by the former generation.