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This refers to a supernatural – usually female – being that lies on people’s chests at night suffocating them.Whilst examples of this depiction of the nightmare can be found across Europe, by the early modern era (1500-1800) this explanation of sleep paralysis experiences had been largely forgotten, and in many parts of Europe including Britain and France, sleep paralysis was frequently interpreted as witch attacks.It is interesting to note that a lot of these early examples refer to sleep paralysis attacks as a night-mare.

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The earliest written account of sleep paralysis can be found in a Chinese book on dreaming, dating back to 400 BCE.There is evidence that Persian doctors also knew of sleep paralysis.A 10th century Persian medical text by renowned physician Rhazes (865-925 CE) describes the following condition:“The nightmare…Many consider it Fuseli’s greatest work and it is believed to be one of the first artistic impressions of sleep paralysis (French & Santomauro, 2007).

In the history of Western medicine, sleep paralysis has been documented for at least 300 years.Writing in 2008 Kompanje describes a 1664 case report from Dutch physician Isbrand Van Diemerbroeck titled ‘Of the Night-mare’.

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