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On Thursday, his older brother Miguel confirmed his death. Meadow Pollack, 18, (right) was preparing for college.Her father was at the school on Wednesday and showed her photograph around in the hope that she would be found alive Cara Loughran (left) was missing on Wednesday afternoon.

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Senior Nicholas Dworet (right) was a gifted swimmer who had his sights set on 2020 Tokyo Olympics success.His step daughter revealed Peterson broke up fights, busted kids for selling Adderall and saw off trespassers at the high school, but she didn't know of any occasion when he was forced to fire his service weapon Deputies typically received a pension of about 75 percent of their average annual wage for their five most lucrative years.Peterson would therefore claim a pension of around ,000.I feel like the shooter would have been scared of Scot in his uniform running towards him.

I do feel Scot is a coward.'De Luca said Peterson would break up fights, bust kids for selling Adderall and see off trespassers.Alyssa Alhadeff, 15, (right) was eulogized by her mother who said she was a talented soccer player and creative mind. I just sent her to school and she was shot and killed,' she said Luke Hoyer, 15, (left) was described as a 'precious' child by his grandparents who confirmed his death. They said he was a 'good kid' who 'never got in trouble'. Joaquin was a Venezuelan immigrant who came to the US with his family for a 'better future', they said on Thursday Gina Montalto, 15, (left) was described as a 'light and joy'.

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