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12-Sep-2019 20:05

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What we promote is real human interaction.” Jennifer first mooted the possibility of establishing a dating agency around 12 years ago, after reading a magazine article about an Irish woman who’d set up Berkeley International, an elite London-based matchmaking agency.

Having worked in manufacturing for many years, she had the necessary entrepreneurial skills to put her plan into action.

Many of her clients joined Jennifer’s agency after growing disenchanted with internet dating and the impersonal nature of meeting online.

“People are forgetting how to communicate nowadays,” she says. When they join Two’s Company they are actually going to physically meet someone after talking to them initially over the phone.

“The reason I joined a dating agency primarily was because I had a bad experience with online dating,” she says.

“It was a very significant episode for me because up until that moment, I had always felt very capable.

Single and available Derry girls are just a few clicks away.

But according to Jennifer Haskins, who gave internet dating a go, these have their pitfalls when it comes to separating “the men from the boys”.I come at it from a non-judgemental approach and try and understand what it is that I can do to help others.” When her marriage broke up, Jennifer picked herself up, brushed herself down and started socialising again, trying her hand at speed dating and internet dating.

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