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I, Martha Baucom, do bequeath my newly acquired interest in East Carolina to Mr. I, Jackie Dellinger, bequeath my sparkling eyes to Sammy Goodwin.

I, Mildred Blackburn, bequeath my complete lack of interest in boys to Carol Holloway.

I, Tom Mc Cain, do bequeath my Learners Permit to Bob Mc Guirt.

I, Sam Penegar, do bequeath my girls to the snakes who can take them.

I, Emily Broome, do bequeath my love of tight skirts to Babs Price.

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We list Black and African American owned Churches, Beauty Salons, Media Companies, Photography and Film Companies, Restaurants, Black Entertainers, Black Authors, Black Doctors, and Black Lawyers.I, Beth Ann Gordon, do bequeath my dignity to Juanita Efird.