Dating antique glass

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Do the mould seams go all the way from the base to the lip?This is a machine-made bottle and dates after 1910. This will be shallower, wider and more perfectly circular than a pontil mark.It has an Eagle engraved on blade and says Remember The Alamo 1836. In 1901, the school was expanded into the General Service and Staff College and opened to officers of all branches. The lock is missing from trunk and the leather handle. THIS ROSEVILLE LARGE CHERRY BLOSSOM VASE HAS A VERY CRISP AND SHARP MOLD WITH A BRILLIANT ARTISTIC DESIGN!! The Bowie hung above a large collection of Texas Bowie knives. 5 Most rare Buffalo Hunters Glasses in the original Buffalo hide case. IT DISPLAYS WITH TREMENDOUS NOSTALGIA AND ANTIQUE ROSEVILLE ART POTTERY CHARM!!

This is another indication of a machine-made bottle. Most bottles with embossed lettering date from the late 19th century and later. Keep in mind that older technology often persisted and some bottles date later than you might think.

Recycling was very common until the mid-20th century.

The lettering "Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of This Bottle" indicates a liquor bottle made from 1935 to the 1960s. Having written extensively on North American archaeology and material culture, he has contributed to various archaeological journals and publications.

Peterson has a Bachelor of Arts from Eastern New Mexico University and a Master of Arts from the University of Nebraska, both in anthropology, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in history from Columbia College.

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This is a 56 inch knife and 8 inches wide with a wood handle commemorating the Alamo. Here, also, student officers detailed from the field improved their knowledge of their profession. 5 The Hamilton Mint certifies that this one troy oz.proof quality ingot was minted in 24kt Gold on .999 Fine Silver and was produced in a limited edition of 2,500. IT IS IN EXCELLENT AGED CONDITION WITH NO CHIPS, CRACKS, HAIRLINES, OR REPAIRS. Is a pontil mark present along with disappearing side mould seams? Do the mould seams disappear in the neck, but the bottle lacks a pontil mark?