Dating a man who makes less money

30-Nov-2019 18:57

It's hard to tell, but I think my appetite has been affected too. what I'd really like to discuss is an article "Men now are increasingly likely to marry wives with more education and income than they have, and the reverse is true for women," said Paul Fucito, spokesman for the Pew [Research] Center.

I've been thinking I need to talk to my doctor about doubling the dose. "In recent decades, with the rise of well-paid working wives, the economic gains of marriage have been a greater benefit for men."The [Pew] analysis examines Americans 30 to 44 years old, the first generation in which more women than men have college degrees.

When I started dating my DH, he earned more than me.

But, I really only get serious with guys who are at similar levels in their careers, and who make at least low six figures - I do think a large difference in either career achievement/satisfaction or income will cause issues in many relationships.

I never know what kind of state I'm going to be in.

But only half of men looking for love said they expected the offer to split the expense from their female date.

And men that do suggest 'going halves' may be doing it at their own risk, the independent research uncovered.

When I started dating my DH, he earned more than me.

Then after awhile he switched careers and made far less.Now he earns zero, is much happier, and stays home with our kids. So yes, I would date someone making less money than me, sure. I just don't get why someone would ask this question, honestly.