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During the event, men and women were paired up for 4 minutes at a time before moving on to the next "date". And you had a little piece of paper in front of you, and if you said you sort of liked a guy and he liked you, you put a mark there. He loves nice restaurants and I love to go to nice restaurants. He is (a) pleasure to be with and he is very smart. They have a little spot for a comment and I always put down a little thing saying, "two seniors in love." That seems to get their attention.

For Weiss and Miller, four minutes with each other was enough time for a love connection. We went to one restaurant, this waitress was so great. We just have fun and we enjoy each other and we look forward to seeing each other and we talk on the phone at least twice a day.

But just when she had given up hope, the matchmakers sent another hottie her way.

See if Nia makes a love connection in the clip above.

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Weiss: I was married (for) 56 years to one man and he passed away five years ago, and I didn't date, didn’t have anybody else.

Renee Weiss and Miles Miller met at a speed dating event held by Somerby Sandy Spring, an assisted living facility, in October.