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In 1962, the country fell under the control of a brutal military dictatorship.

It was toppled thanks to the huge courage of Suu Kyi, who led Myanmar to free elections two years ago.

Using rocket-launchers, the troops began setting houses on fire. As they ran, soldiers began shooting with what witnesses say were semi-automatic rifles. As villagers attempted to run for the jungle, a line of Buddhist civilians from non-Muslim villages holding long swords blocked their path. Soon, the entire village had gathered on a large sandbank on the river's edge.

That was the signal for the real killing and savagery.

Rohingya refugee receive bananas from a Bangladeshi volunteer after crossing from Myanmar into Bangladesh.The methodical killing of 7,000 Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica in 1995 was genocide.So was the horrific slaughter of several thousands of Yazidis in Iraq by Islamic State three years ago.It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most heinous crimes of the 21st century.

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Critics say that the evidence appears overwhelming, that the Myanmar government is intent on the annihilation of the minority population of Rohingya Muslims.

Though the oppression of the Rohingya has gone on for two decades, the latest outburst of mass killing was sparked on August 25, when a terrorist group claiming to represent the Rohingya struck at Myanmar security posts.

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